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Bill Gates Big Thinker

When Bill Gates became the richest guy in the world, complete with gorgeous wife, an army of devoted code-cutting minions and huge global influence, he changed the landscape for spotty teen geeks with a prodigious talent for maths and a stymied social calendar worldwide.

Suddenly, smart was cool; doing your homework and getting extra credit for your science project was a potential stepping-stone to dot-com dominance. But although there’s no doubt that Bill Gates is a gifted thinker with extraordinary talent – it’s not his ability with maths, his strong negotiating skills or even his understanding of computers that has driven his success.

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Building schools, the new global trend

Written by Fran Molloy
Australians are following a global trend, directing their experience and passions to help build schools overseas; young property developer Carly Crutchfield tells us her experie...

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Changing the world one loan at a time

Written by Fran Molloy
More than a quarter of a million people have signed up to donate money to small businesses in developing countries through a website that has the potential to change the world.

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Earthquake proof housing

Written by Fran Mdlay
Dominic Dowling was a student engineer when he developed earthquake-proof housing
Dominic Dowling was a student engineer working as a volunteer in Central America in 2001 when a...

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Geek with a mission

Cameron Reilly is a passionate technology advocate – and heads a growing new-media empire, The Podcast Network, (TPN) from his Brisbane base.

Although TPN isn´t well known in his native Australia, Reilly boasts that it is now one of the largest new media companies in the world.

And he´s attracted some heavyweight attention; EContent Magazine listed TPN as one of world´s most influential digital content companies and, closer to home, TPN scored a guernsey in B&T Magazine´s Biggest Players of Australia´s Digital Age.

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Investing in green

Putting your money where your values lie can be world-changing. Thanks to a grand vision 20 years ago, Australian Ethical Investment is helping thousands of concerned investors make a real difference.

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It’s official. Trash is treasure

Rubbish is big business, as Canadian Brian Scudamore discovered when he founded 1-800-GOT-JUNK nearly 20 years ago. The private trash collection business is now a hugely successful franchise, with over 300 outlets across Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK (where it is branded '

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Lentil as anything

The delightfully named, Lentil as Anything chain of restaurants in Melbourne are doing very well, despite – or perhaps because of - their policy of not setting a price for any of the food on their menus.

At Lentil As Anything customers pay what they think the meal is worth, putting their money in a box as they leave.In a country where 'doing a runner' on a restaurant bill is almost a rite of passage for some groups of young men, the Lentil chain is doing well; they estimate that about twenty percent of their patrons don't pay, often people with limited resources who struggle to feed themselves.

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Rainman goes to RocKwiz

Born blind and diagnosed with Asperger´s Syndrome as a child, Mark Boerebach dreams of becoming a rock star in a detailed imaginary world that he has constructed, called Earth Two.
Mark Boerebach run...

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Road to peace is paved with loss

Grant Hilton is a changed man. The former stressed-out businessman is now at peace with himself. At just 38, he has been on a journey of selfdiscovery many don´t achieve in a lifetime.
In his quest t...

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Steve and Terri Irwin – Big Thinkers

Written by Fran Molloy
Steve Irwin was a boy from Beerwah in Queensland who became a mega-celebrity, world-famous for hamming it up with deadly creatures in front of the cameras as ‘The Crocodile Hunt...

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Winning competitions

Winning competitions has become more than a hobby for some people.
Sherry Sjolander doesn´t think of herself as a lucky person; she had never won so much as a chook raffle at the RSL club until a cou...

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