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Sydney Morning Herald

Tertiary choices: where to start a career in counselling

This story in the Sydney Morning Herald looks at options for counselling careers. While clinical psychologists must do 6 years of tertiary education, other degrees and courses offer shorter training.

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Sydney Morning Herald

Where the HSC can take you - HSC Study Guide 2017

This feature in the Sydney Morning Herald 2017 HSC Study Guide explores options for Australian students to study overseas.

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Play the Game: Job tests

Feature for 'Postgraduate Futures' magazine: Prepare to undergo personality tests, scenarios, and virtual challenges to get the best jobs with the most forward-thinking companies.

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Chile’s salmon industry poised to take a leap forward

CSIRO is working with Chile's fisheries service to boost aquaculture by setting ‘triple bottom line’ production targets to limit economic, environmental and social impacts.

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Skip the Interview

Feature for 'Postgraduate Futures' Magazine 2017: Skip the Interview: Can you go from Student Work to Dream Job - without even having an interview?

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Dr Lynne Kelly uncovers the secrets of Stonehenge

Were ancient monuments, architecture and art - like Stonehenge, and aboriginal rock paintings - used by oral cultures as memory systems designed to store vast amounts of knowledge? Dr Lynne Kelly's theory of archaeorality suggests that ancient cultures had encyclopaedic learning systems.

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Sydney Morning Herald

Student-built robots compete for international (and space) honours

First Robotics competitions attract more than 460,000 students worldwide and see teams from independent and public schools, typically aged 14-18, designing, building, programming and driving robots.

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Sydney Morning Herald

How 'Captain Underpants' rescues the washing

Kids as young as ten are winning national awards for their IT projects.

Qantasinsider stradbrokeisland article

Festival Camping in North Stradbroke Island | Qantas Travel Insider

North Stradbroke Island has gained a cultural festival – and some very cool eco shacks – thanks to an Indigenous enterprise. I wrote this story for the Qantas in-flight magazine.

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Managing the world’s wild fish stocks

May 4 2017: Feature in ECOS magazine - Science for sustainability - CSIRO - Since the Commonwealth Harvest Strategy Policy was introduced in 2007, Australia’s wild capture fisheries have operated under national management objectives that set “best practice” targets.

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Agile skills - Postgraduate Futures

Employers want people who are flexible and adaptable – often described as T-shaped – with deep skills in a specialised area - who can also apply their talents more broadly.

Postgraduate degrees can be highly specialised, but during your study you will develop skills across a range of other useful areas.

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Head start: Early learning takes off at Wollongong University

A pioneering early childhood education centre within the University of Wollongong is breaking down barriers to improve outcomes for children across Australia. This story is a long-form piece for the Community Child Care Co-operative quarterly, Rattler.

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Michelle's Story:

In her own skin: How Michelle Sheppard went from IT guy to inspiring businesswoman - published in ANZ Your World, Nov 2016

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Sydney Morning Herald

Space Camp: The new frontier

This feature for the SMH Independent Schools July 2016 liftout looked at space camp excursions. I also reported on local science Olympiad winners.

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Lachie Smart lands a record

On Aug 26, after flying 24,000 nautical miles over 7 weeks, 18-year old Lachlan Smart taxied his small plane along the runway of Maroochydore Airport in Queensland, becoming the youngest person to ever complete a solo circumnavigation of the world in a single engine aircraft.