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The Melbourne Age

Russian dolls - Icon -

Mar 12, 2005... foreign marriage sites? Lonely hearts searching for true romance or internet scammers duping the innocent? Fran Molloy...

The Melbourne Age

A greener world - Gadgets - Technology

Adelaide-based company Computer Control Instrumentation has a product called Power-Mate that can help you work out how much power is used by every electrical appliance in your home. Engineer Mike Russ...

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The Melbourne Age

TV - Digital Life -

Digital TV decoded · Unspecified. Fran Molloy Those deciding to switch to a digital TV can be confounded by the...

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The Melbourne Age

Tai Chi - LifeStyle -

A not-so-easy fit · Yoga. Fran Molloy If you think your exercise routine is covering all the bases, think again....

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All systems go - Technology

Some very hard decisions were made for our family road-trip - not all of them good. Plenty of other holidaymakers are getting ready to face the same quandary.
There's a raft of travel gadgets out ther...

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Bells and whistles - Technology

Are you up to date with the latest gear?
I know about it but I don't run out and buy everything. I tend to keep my finger on the pulse by searching on the net and reading up on things, so I am aware o...

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Code cracker - Livewire - Technology

What does an ethical hacker do?
We break into our client's computing environment - with permission. Usually we try to break through firewalls, mail servers or web servers. But for an internet banking ...

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Digital Life - laptop news and articles

The humble keyboard is facing competition from touch and voice-recognition technology. Fran Molloy reports.
It was 1968 when Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced HAL 9000 - the comp...

The Melbourne Age

Doctor in the house - Health And Fitness

Urine test for follicle-stimulating hormone indicates if transition to menopause is occurring.
Introduced in the US in 1978 for home testing nine days after a missed period. Now tests ...

The Melbourne Age

Drawing on outside influences

Varied skills helped this animator thrive, Fran Molloy writes.
ROLF Harris seems an unlikely character on which to base a business model, but it's worked well for cartoonist and public speaker Brett B...

The Melbourne Age

Drugs offer cold comfort - Colds & Flu - Health In Focus

Fran Molloy
May 26, 2005
The side-effects may outweigh the benefits, writes Fran Molloy.
Karen Salter went to her local pharmacy looking for something to relieve her cold symptoms. "I was so congested...

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The Melbourne Age

e-health | PCEHR | e-records - The Age

Time is running out for a co-ordinated approach to mitigate safety risks to patients.

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The Melbourne Age

e-Records database slated for a slow, incomplete start - The Age

July 1 launch likely to be more fizz than fireworks.