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Us navy 030819 n 9593r 050 patients and staff wait for medications at the pharmacy windows at the national naval medical center in bethesda  maryland article

Helping patients follow the script

UTS News Wire, Oct 2015: Research shows that pharmacists can make a real difference in encouraging patients to take medications correctly

Brink 20  20sept 20  20curtain article

A happier environment for fish

Researchers are evaluating a thermal curtain installed on a dam as a measure to stop harmful cold water pollution of the river downstream....

Brink august inhalable article

Breath of fresh air for asthmatics

Lung cell research may lead to more effective treatment for respiratory disease....

Brink july parenting 20help article

Confidence keeps new parents strong

Researchers have teamed with professional parenting services to find what works best to give children the best start in life....

Brink june asbestos article

Compound could halt mesothelioma

Work by a research team at UTS is hoped to pave the way for development of a puffer to treat asbestos-related lung disease....

Brink july dystonia article

Treatment hope for dystonia sufferers

Magnetic stimulation is being used to treat brain function in painful neurological disorders....

Brink may resources article

Landfills a bonanza for metal reuse

With the use of 'virgin' resources under increasing pressure, above-ground mining of waste provides a way ahead in the circular economy.  ...

Volunteer.costarica article

Call for data on volunteer tourism

Gap-year volunteers question whether they contribute as much as they hope....

Brink march pic behaviour article

Clinical trials of treatments for children's behaviour disorders

Early intervention is essential to prevent long-term effects of disruptive behaviour disorders in children.    ...