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Chile’s salmon industry poised to take a leap forward

CSIRO is working with Chile's fisheries service to boost aquaculture by setting ‘triple bottom line’ production targets to limit economic, environmental and social impacts.

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Managing the world’s wild fish stocks

May 4 2017: Feature in ECOS magazine - Science for sustainability - CSIRO - Since the Commonwealth Harvest Strategy Policy was introduced in 2007, Australia’s wild capture fisheries have operated under national management objectives that set “best practice” targets.

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Climate change adaptation in Papua New Guinea

July 29 2016: CSIRO researchers have been working with decision-makers responsible for planning in Papua New Guinea to develop climate-change adaptation strategies under the Coral Triangle Initiative.

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Issues in coastal climate adaptation

Development and population growth along Australia’s coastline places pressure on coastal resources like natural systems and infrastructure and services at a time when climate change puts even greater pressures on the nation’s coastal zone. Responses must go beyond coastal planning response into social and business arenas; and Dr Neil Lazarow argues society needs to rethink our approach. Published in ECOS - Science for sustainability

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Digital agriculture in northern Australia

CSIRO ECOS Magazine, June 2016: Through the Digital Homestead project, northern Australia’s cattle producers can improve productivity and efficiency through better decision-making.

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Energy Futures in a Town Like Alice

CSIRO Ecos Magazine, March 2016: Today’s energy systems will not be sufficient in 2050, and remote Australian communities are likely to bear the brunt. Scenarios workshops held in Alice Springs are helping design energy solutions for the future.